Long-term Care

Long Term Care insurance is a product designed to give financial assistance to individuals who have the inability to perform 2 or more of ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) or who suffer cognitive impairment.

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Since the burden of health care is shifting from Government funded programs to individuals,  LTC insurance provides Tax-Free benefits to relieve the financial and emotional stress of the care of loved ones and gives them the option of staying in their home as long as possible.

“It’s not about you….If you need care, somebody else’s life will change”

LTC younger couple

“Two thirds of Canadians who have a financial or insurance advisor believe that it is important to inform them about Long Term Care options.”

RBC Insurance/Ipsos Reid

LTC chance of needing it

At age 65, the lifetime probability of developing either a need for help with two or more activities of daily living for at least 90 days or a cognitive impairment is 44% for males and 72% for females.

            LTC burden

Cohen, Marc A., Maurice Weinrobe, Jessica Miller, and Anne Ingoldsby.  “Becoming Disabled After Age 65:  The Expected Lifetime Costs of Independent Living,” AARP (American Association for Retired Persons) Public Policy Institute, 2005.

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