Disability Insurance

What is your family’s biggest asset? Most of us would say our home, vehicle or perhaps our cabin tucked away in the country. We all have them well insured in case of fire, theft or other damage. Have you insured yourself?

Should I consider DI

Our biggest asset is our ability to earn an income! A 40-year working career can amount to millions of dollars which depends on us being able to go to work. What would happen if you woke up tomorrow and couldn’t go to work? How long would your financial assets sustain your family’s expenses?

Construction worker

You say you have a disability plan at work? Most employer plans will only cover you for a maximum period of 1-2 years. What happens after that? A personal disability plan will cover you for your own occupation for up to age 65 and be used to either replace or supplement your plan through your employer.

For those individuals who are self-employed, you have taken sole responsibility for your family’s future. Please ensure it is protected against a sudden illness or disability.


“Plans can be designed in many ways to meet your own unique needs and budget.”

Protect your income

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